Week 38 in-play!

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Game Week 38 is in progress. Remember that all Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and League Cup games also count towards the title. Check here for results, fixtures, scores so far and the latest Bragging Rights table.

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Week 38 Latest Scores

ItsOnlyAndyColeButILikeItConor Campbell20
Bannsiders UtdRobert Shaw20
Conte KanteAdrian Moore16
Murder On Zidane's FloorAndrew Moffett14
Tom's LegendsTom Moore13
Take ZlatDec Winters13
Tazman-YidosGreg Moore12
NohopersKieran Doherty10
Ryan's RangersRyan Shaw10
Smokies RevengePaul Cargin6
The Rising ForcePhilip Craig6

Up-to-date Bragging Rights

Tom's LegendsTom Moore2013
Suerte Del DiaboloPhilip Craig1933
Ryans MaraudersRyan Shaw1844
Bannsiders UtdRobert Shaw1811
NohopersKieran Doherty1802
NohopersKieran Doherty1786
Ryan's RangersRyan Shaw1754
Smokies RevengePaul Cargin1750
Take ZlatDec Winters1668
Bannsiders UtdRobert Shaw1617
Murder On Zidane's FloorAndrew Moffett1572
Tazman-YidosGreg Moore1520
ItsOnlyAndyColeButILikeItConor Campbell1494
Conte KanteAdrian Moore1463
Tom's LegendsThomas Moore1412
Bobby Charlton AthleticConor Campbell1409
YidoGreg Moore1390
Tea & BusquetsAndrew Moffett1352
Conte KanteAdrian Moore1312
Irish RoversShea Wilson1217
Luk Who's TalkingDec Winters1157
The Rising ForcePhilip Craig1123
It's Lee-RoyPaul Cargin1105
Top GoonersShea Winters1103
Banbridge Town FCJack Moore1021

Remember the Dream Team week ends at midnight on Sunday. Monday games count for the following week.