Week 25 - Zlat trick!

Posted on 10:52am on Monday 20th February 2017

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Moody Swedish goalie-botherer Zlatan Ibrahimovic became the first player to take the weekly honours for a third time, with a 36-point haul in Week 25 of the Bragging Rights Dream Team Fantasy League. The pony-tailed point-snaffler led the way with Europa League and F.A. Cup goal action in a week that saw many top stars rested altogether and only Spurs’ Harry Kane posing any significant threat .

Although no Fantasy boss has both Ibra and Kane in their squad, 8 of the 11 managers do boast one or other of the prolific pair – and it was no surprise to find that the three lowest scores were from mavericks who opted to look elsewhere for fantasy firepower. Managers Doherty (Jesus/Sanchez/Lukaku), Craig (Costa/Giroud) and Moffatt (Vardy/Lukaku) all suffered from under-powered forward lines and in Craig’s case, it was sufficient to see him plummet to the foot of the table.

The news of Craig’s demise was greeted with an outpouring of relief at the Synagogue, where previous bottom-dweller Moore-G rose to the giddy heights of 10th place. Full of new-found confidence, he removed his disguise, donned a club cap at a jaunty angle and strode purposefully into the Chairman’s shop to pave the way for later talks on a contract extension. Unfortunately, the angle of the cap’s peak obscured vision on his left side, and he turned straight into a side of beef hanging from a hook, causing it to swing violently and knock over a pyramid display of assorted preserves, chutneys and jams. Hastily reaching into his bag for an emergency disguise, he slipped into a dog costume and ran off down the road barking loudly and trailing a string of sausages behind him.

The top of the table saw Moore-T regain the overall lead following last week’s blip in form. The introduction of extra training (there are now six 4-hour sessions per day) and the relocation of the showers into a bed of stinging nettles certainly has an effect, as his players responded to establish a 23-point lead at the summit. His post-match press conference took a bizarre turn when he refused to acknowledge any rumours of tiredness among his squad, branding recent reports of a yawning goalkeeper as “fake news”. “Every one of you is a liar”, he trumped at the assembled media. “I’ve got a 200-point lead at the top of the table, I’ve already won next season’s title, and anyone who says otherwise isn’t looking for the real story”. With a final message of “Release the hounds”, he was escorted from the stage by his aides, as a pack of ravenous Rottweilers feasted on the press pack.

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Toms Legends 11:38pm on Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Managers Craig , Winters and Campbell were seen in a closed meeting in coach " downing the black stuff" as I walked in the hush was evident. They were there for hours but only that long as It took Winters a life time buying his round......... They snubbed me . Big error as i believe being in the shadow of greatness can only inspire the wannabes.

11:59pm on Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Be champion.

Itsonlyandycolebutilikeit 1:06am on Thursday 23rd February 2017

You may be wondering why I've entered the press conference accompanied by the wonderful refrains of REMs losing my religion. Well, like Michael Stipe I'm afraid I've lost faith in Jesus. Pesky little bastard broke his metatarsal. In comes Jamie Vardy and my whisperings of huge amounts of WKD and a lock in in The Downshire have come up trumps already. I feel a hattrick against Liverpool coming on.

ManuelCW 8:18pm on Thursday 27th August 2020


CharlesFD 11:02pm on Thursday 27th August 2020


XYWayne 11:24pm on Thursday 27th August 2020


ESDonny 11:53pm on Thursday 27th August 2020


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Final Week 25 Scores

Ryan's RangersRyan Shaw87
Smokies RevengePaul Cargin87
Bannsiders UtdRobert Shaw86
Conte KanteAdrian Moore71
Tea & BusquetsAndrew Moffett67
Tom's LegendsTom Moore62
ItsOnlyAndyColeButILikeItConor Campbell56
YidoGreg Moore56
Luk Who's TalkingDec Winters47
Take ZlatDec Winters47
Suerte Del DiaboloPhilip Craig45
Tazman-YidosGreg Moore45
NohopersKieran Doherty35
It's Lee-RoyPaul Cargin33
Bobby Charlton AthleticConor Campbell33
Conte KanteAdrian Moore32
NohopersKieran Doherty31
Irish RoversShea Wilson29
Bannsiders UtdRobert Shaw29
The Rising ForcePhilip Craig29
Tom's LegendsThomas Moore23
Murder On Zidane's FloorAndrew Moffett20
Ryans MaraudersRyan Shaw12
Top GoonersShea Winters7
Banbridge Town FCJack Moore5

Bragging Rights after Week 25

Suerte Del DiaboloPhilip Craig1933
Ryans MaraudersRyan Shaw1844
NohopersKieran Doherty1786
Bannsiders UtdRobert Shaw1617
Tom's LegendsThomas Moore1412
Bobby Charlton AthleticConor Campbell1409
YidoGreg Moore1390
Tea & BusquetsAndrew Moffett1352
Conte KanteAdrian Moore1312
Tom's LegendsTom Moore1233
Irish RoversShea Wilson1217
NohopersKieran Doherty1210
Smokies RevengePaul Cargin1167
Luk Who's TalkingDec Winters1157
Ryan's RangersRyan Shaw1130
Bannsiders UtdRobert Shaw1129
Take ZlatDec Winters1121
It's Lee-RoyPaul Cargin1105
Top GoonersShea Winters1103
Conte KanteAdrian Moore1081
Banbridge Town FCJack Moore1021
Murder On Zidane's FloorAndrew Moffett997
ItsOnlyAndyColeButILikeItConor Campbell933
Tazman-YidosGreg Moore900
The Rising ForcePhilip Craig892

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