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Final Year Projects

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Final Year Projects

Note: The project demonstrations and viva examinations will take place following the Semester 2 exams in the week from Monday 27th to Friday 31st May 2019. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep this week clear.

COM570 Project

Tutor: Prof Philip Morrow

In this module, students, under the supervision of a member of staff, undertake an individual computing project using appropriate computer science and/or software engineering techniques. The project will build on knowledge and skills acquired previously on the course and will provide opportunity for the attainment of new knowledge and skills. The final deliverable is in the form of a written report, and the student will also be expected to give an oral presentation about their project and a demonstration of the implemented solution.

Credit value: 30 points

Coursework: 100%

Preparation tip: If you have a strong preference for a self-proposed project, you could begin to prepare the proposal document that will be needed. This should be around two pages in length and MUST include a clear description of the PROBLEM that you intend to solve - not just a feature-by-feature account of the application.

PLEASE NOTE: Full details on the project selection and allocation process will be released in early September. You will have an opportunity to either choose a project topic from a selection provided by staff, or to design your own proposal.

Remember that students on BSc Hons Computing (Game Development) and BSc Hons Computing (Internet Systems) MUST take a project in their subject specialism (i.e. Games or Internet Systems)